Monday, March 27, 2017

Fahrenheit Questions Part 2

1. In this scene, Montag wants to continue reading books and believes that the answers to everything are in them, while Mildred wants to stop reading and watch tv. Mildred isn't interested in discovering something new.
2. The bombers flying over show how the people of the city don't pay much attention to them like if it happens regularly. It also creates a feeling of suspense and mystery.
3. Professor Faber used to be an old English Professor. Eventually most people stopped reading books and he didn't have a job anymore. Montag came to him for advice on books.
4. After watching the commercial Montag begins to question whether he should read books or stop reading and be like everyone else. This is a turning point because whatever he does will affect his life and view of the world. The commercial was distracting him from reading the Bible.
5. Faber believes that the books have answers to problems in your life. You can learn a lot from reading books and apply it to your life.
6. The "small green metal object" is an earpiece which Faber and Montag can communicate through. Faber gives it to Montag so that he can hear and tell him what to say.
7. The White Clown show leads me to believe that society is very childlike. Clowns are meant to be funny and  playful to kids however here there are adults like Mildred watching this show.
8. Mrs. Phelps cries because of the poetry. She hasn't heard anything like that in a long time and doesn't know how to react other than to cry.
9. His destination is his home because they are going to burn his books. Beatty drives there after the fire alarm rang.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fahrenheit 451 Questions 1-15

1. I think Bradbury begins the book this way to show how Montag enjoys burning books instead of reading them. In this period of time it is rare for people to be reading books and it might even be seen as something bad. Montag believes he is doing something good by burning those books.
2. I believe the books are compared to birds because birds are living things and he wants to give life to the books. As the books burn they turn grey and eventually into ashes which can fly up into the air just like a bird.
3. Montag is a firefighter and his job is to burn down things instead of stopping the fire. His live is gloomy and dull compared to Clarisse's. His relationship with his wife isn't so great either. Clarisse is more energetic and happy. She likes to laugh and see everything different. Her home is full of laughter and conversations. Compared to Montag's life, there is definitely more excitement going on in Clarisse's life.
4. I would say technology is affecting Montag and Mildred's relationship in a bad way. Since Mildred is always watching television, she never really talks with Montag. They don't really show how much they love each other.
5. I believe the narrator introduces us to this point in Montag's life because it is the turning point of his life or maybe something big will happen and change his life. Clarisse has changed his views on life and how he feels about himself. The previous years of his life may have been a routine and boring but now some action is going on.
6. The author may have introduced Clarisse before Mildred because Clarisse is different than everyone else and likes to be happy, while Mildred is just as boring as all the other people around.
7. All the houses are fireproof so that when the firefighters burn some books, it won't spread to other houses. It will keep the fire from spreading throughout  the whole city.
8. Mildred requires emergency service because she overdosed on sleeping pills. She tried to kill herself but Montag was able to find her in time and save her. Some technicians saved her with a machine.
9. The mechanical hound is sort of like a robotic dog that kills people who disobey the law. Montag feels like it is staring at him in a bad way like it wants to hurt him.
10. The people consider Clarisse antisocial because she is so different than everyone and likes to talk with others. She also doesn't use technology as much as the others
11. The woman with the books lights the match because she would rather die with her books than go on living without them. She believes she can't live without her books, it's like they're a part of her.
12. Montag and Mildred's relationship isn't so good, they can't even remember when they met. Being married for ten years may have become boring for them and now they aren't so much in love rather just living together because they're married.
13. Beatty visits Montag to make sure that he is still focused on his job and isn't thinking about quitting.
15. Montag feels fat because he is hiding books. He is keeping something which is seen as bad in this society. His job used to be burning books and now here he is hiding them instead. He feels guilty for what he is doing.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fahrenheit 451 Reflection so far

As we read through some of the first pages in Fahrenheit 451, I realized some things I hadn't seen the first time. One part ties in with the short story, "The Pedestrian". As Clarissa walks with Montag she says her uncle was arrested for simply being a pedestrian. This is so similar to what happened in the short story. I also noticed that Bradbury wrote about things that didn't exist at the time, such as headphones and flat screen TVs. It appears that Clarrise and Montag are almost the opposite of each other. Clarisse lives in a house full of light, laughter, and love while Montag lives in a gloomy, dark house. She brings happiness to Montag's life.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What I See in Literature

One of the main themes in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock is time. He talks about how he is growing old. He says, "Time to turn back and descend the stair, with a bald spot in the middle of my hair.". He wants to approach the women he loves but he begins to question himself. He worries about being rejected and doesn't have the nerves to talk to her. His chance of talking to her has passed and now he is just an old man. Time changes all throughout the poem, at the beginning he is a young man who is in love while at the end he is a lonely old man.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Gatsby essay thesis

The American Dream is that every person should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity. Gatsby's desire for success is clearly evidence of the American Dream and obsession. Gatsby is determined to rekindle his love with Daisy no matter what or who gets in between them. He believes that his money can get him anything he wants. I do believe Gatsby symbolizes our culture and desires because all of us want something but sometimes we just can't have it. Even though some people may have money they still can't get all they want. It's like the old saying, "Money can't buy you happiness."

Monday, February 20, 2017

Gatsby Chapter 7 Notes

  • Gatsby stopped hosting parties 
  • Holding down the receiver - trying to hide who you're talking to
  • Gatsby didn't really believe Daisy's daughter existed
  • Tom realizes Gatsby and Daisy love each other 
  • "Her voice is full of money" 
  • A medium- a palm reader; fortune teller 
  • Wilson realized that Myrtle was cheating on him
  • Tom's life is beginning to fall apart
  • A row is a fight 
  • As they all drive back to Long Island they see an accident 
  • A man named Michaelis tells them that it was Myrtle who had been hit by a car
  • Nick believes it was Gatsby and Daisy who hit Myrtle
  • Gatsby tells Nick that it was Daisy who was driving when they hit Myrtle 

Gatsby Chapter 6 Notes

  • Gatsby's real name is James Gatz
  • Gatsby warns Dan Cody about a storm and Gatsby becomes his personal assistant 
  • Gatsby fell in love with all the wealth and luxury 
  • Gatsby took care of Cody when he drank and Gatsby realized the dangers of alcohol
  • When Cody died he left Gatsby $25,000 but he never ended up receiving the money 
  • Tom is over at Gatsby's house one day and Gatsby tells Tom that he knows Daisy
  • Tom becomes suspicious of Gatsby and Daisy
  • Gatsby invites Tom and Daisy to a party but Daisy doesn't really have much fun
  • Gatsby wants Daisy to leave Tom and be with him just like before 
  • Gatsby believes his money can fix anything